Only Pharaohs

from by universe

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only pharaohs

the missing hands
the missing hearts
kidneys, livers, knees, lungs.
teeth, elbows, brains, tongues.
what child is this?
what has whose god done?
who could steal so many children from their own homes?
the missing hands—
a name unknown.
the missing hearts—
steal your sleeping own.

our own wrote the plans
of children dashed on the rocks,
of raping the flocks.
no divine plan in a land of cruelty,
nothing to understand, if not this:

man, the pharaoh—slave owners play god.
only pharaohs—pruned misery, mummified.
beautiful moments, but they’re not mine.
our children, pharoahs’ only judge in time.

I want to sleep in the heart of a universe so old,
speed into darkness, sing our creations home.
love and fear are ours alone.

sleep forever, pharaoh.
love and fear are ours alone.
pharaoh, sleep forever.
your cruelty will not be our own.


from Passenger, track released June 22, 2010




universe Bloomington, Indiana

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