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holocene don’t ask me to explain. the ones I trust wouldn’t anyway. in sleep to meet off continent, touch freely without consequence, so don’t ask me to explain. please don’t go where I can’t follow, into desert twilight, lost in hollows. the things we made scratch and skip. reasons carried no longer fit. guts we made taut saved by surgery. our shadows meet in Holocene. our shadows meet in Holocene.
moving day stick to bones, planned escape. new home, anticipate-- did you hear it? can you feel? it’s temporary—don’t just say you will. salt me before you eat, imagined enemy. unwritten unwillingness to grant we both exist. so don’t miss the heavy stares— disappointment poisons but (at least) it’s care so sit tight or move away. your breath is acid on my days. it’s moving day, so celebrate. just tell me why you’re so afraid. a little peace, a little break or get the fuck out of the way! it’s easy to see when someone’s the same there’s nothing to fear from me— we’ve got better fears. it’s just something we all do. it’s moving day, so celebrate or get the fuck out of the way! it’s moving day, so celebrate, still hungry, broke, and full of
hyperconductor it seems so easily we have changed from what we’ve realized. bootprinted miles for centuries. goodbye, cross-country drives. movement forced its way again so set time to survive— find a place, find the time. let’s do this, all right? stay, work hard, escape when you must. find a place, find the time. let’s do this, all right? do what you must, I don’t care, just don’t give up the fight. will we live again in abandon? would we want to? here’s to what we can do: borne from ourselves right into you, unnoticed until it’s done.
pass the ipecac good work better pay. jump ship or suffocate. babies float babies swim into the black sea fluid again. so do we eat the fat or starve the brat? pass the ipecac.
memory foam come back to me, dullness after catastrophe, pale return to normalcy, unfettered night’s sleep. mountains of refuse to remove, caught in cancer’s commotion. last door left to open-- surprised to find your room cold, washed in winter light. no trace of you. no accident to undo. no gasp of broken sleep. everyone, sometime, cease to be. still, come back to me.
wendigo are someone else’s mysteries enough for you to own? skin walkers just don’t stir my blood like nights in your old home. phantom lights stood silently an arm’s reach away and disappeared again. don’t need to believe because I know, as we’ve seen, ships pass by your house as they scream. or so that’s how the story’s told. don’t waste time hunting wendigo. our mystery cannot be sold to crucifix or wendigo. are someone else’s mysteries enough for you to own? skin walkers just don’t stir my blood like nights in your old home. we’ve seen enough to stand upon but choose believers’ sleep have twilights chasing cat-men become so cheap?
only pharaohs the missing hands the missing hearts kidneys, livers, knees, lungs. teeth, elbows, brains, tongues. what child is this? what has whose god done? who could steal so many children from their own homes? the missing hands— a name unknown. the missing hearts— steal your sleeping own. our own wrote the plans of children dashed on the rocks, of raping the flocks. no divine plan in a land of cruelty, nothing to understand, if not this: man, the pharaoh—slave owners play god. only pharaohs—pruned misery, mummified. beautiful moments, but they’re not mine. our children, pharoahs’ only judge in time. I want to sleep in the heart of a universe so old, speed into darkness, sing our creations home. love and fear are ours alone. sleep forever, pharaoh. love and fear are ours alone. pharaoh, sleep forever. your cruelty will not be our own.
any empire hail ghost rider, hail street fighter, left-handed, long-winded, one-handed fantasies, black flag or sabbath, come save me. as he bleeds, no wonder they hang christ high. if we’re gonna survive we’ll need sharper knives.
passenger ice is shattering, broken shards opening new streams and failures falling away. squandering years, nursing pasts that might have been and futures that could never be. all this afterthought has frozen the better part of me.


released June 22, 2010




universe Bloomington, Indiana

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